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October 30, 2012
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Frontier Concepts 2012 by DPRagan Frontier Concepts 2012 by DPRagan
Will move to scraps later on...

The She-Wasp on the right is what happened to the female-Colonist of Twilight (The Rocky Tidally locked planet Orbiting Alpha Centauri B

The Original Wasp-Spider reproduces both Sexually AND Virally and attacks the XX Chromosomes (although some of the other Chromosome pairs are effected to a lesser extent)

Males have a higher resistance due to only having on X Chromosome in the sexual pair, but they are not immune either.

Twilight has been seeding Frontier with the S.Wasps (for lack of a better name) and infecting the human population in preparation of conquest.

The Scientist have developed a gene therapy to make it so that the women of Frontier do not succumb but that only takes care of the Female part of the problem. The infected males (3% of the population) would require a different therapy but there isn't time to make it before it virus (The one for females was developed back when the females of Twilight began to succumb) makes the jump to the male population through the bridge.

It came to a choice of 1 year to redevelop the Gene therapy against a fast acting virus or 3 months in a nano/viral Tank to TG those at risk of creating a Bridge.

As for the males of Twilight...I imagine they have already succumbed to the viral invasion, but the She-Wasps are using the original vector to spread it to the new planet.

Meanwhile they have tricked the United Nations into Laying an Embargo on Frontier claiming that they are mistreating their female population (when in fact they are not it is just so small that they take extra measures to protect it. The claims are probably derived by having Sex-Crime Convicts TGed)

Heh weird, I had a planet in my story around B that was either tidally locked on with an 80 degree axial tilt before they found one around B (Still unconfirmed as of yet)
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SultanOfAwesomeness Nov 4, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
latex rescue suits FOR THE WIN! (looks kinda similar to that police genderswap thing you did a wile ago...)
Wow, tons of backstory just in a couple paragraphs!

Very nice. :)
Thanks, also some stuff in the comments sections! :)
Feel free to leave comments there as well :)
JDogindy Oct 31, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I do like the Rescue Suit.
Thanks :) If colored it's orange and black.
JDogindy Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You're welcome. And thanks on the scheme.
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