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October 16, 2010
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Legacy by DPRagan Legacy by DPRagan
Non Cannon-Background Character:

So far...

Noel Sakura"Legacy" Whateley: EX 3(GSD) Shift 3(Wings) Man 3 (black-fire)that is her "flaming-bat" manifestation

She gets touchy when her great-grandfather and namesake is dissed in front of her

Basic personality: she's worried she won't get a date with her looks (other then the freaks who want to sell their souls to her or throw holy water on her)

She is also from an Old Money family, however from a branch that has been in decline for generations, her Father even married a woman from a Japanese Samurai family in an effort to reverse the decline.

She is an orphan, instead of being passed around by recitatives she is given a guardian and left to her own devices in the formerly abandoned ancestral home outside of Dunwich New Hampshire.

While a Christian (Would you take the chance if you GSD had you looking like that?) , she does not attend Englund's services...Fire and brimstone services are fine if, unless the congregation looks at you out of the corner of their eyes.

She has been known to brave the lunchroom on occasion but usually sits alone at any of the free tables at the edge, this has reduced some since the Crystal Hall was closed for renovation.

She likes the sunlight, but has fewer issues with the cold then most, and goes jogging in the early mornings.

Her Change (began) at Halloween in Dunwich.

She likes to sing but has no formal training.

Edit: I think she might be the "white-sheep" of the family...a family that considers the Addams family Normal
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Rowan: "Um...hey, Noel, I wonder if you could help me with the history homework?  I'll help you out with biology..."
>_< That's a baaaad pick-up line hehe
Rowan: "What pickup line?"
Rowan: "No, I mean it!  I really am having trouble with history, but I'm really good with bio..."
Waits for a roommate to whisper into what it means into his ear.
Rowan: "...uh huh...wait, what?!  You think I meant...oh come on, I'm not that kind of guy...wait a sec...yeah, still a guy...I was talking about schoolwork!  Biological sciences, metabolism, physiology, that big-ass heavy book by gads.  If we were talking about pick-up lines, I'd consider a date, maybe an actual relationship first!"
I like the shoe business! Necessary for conforming to the campus dress code?
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