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December 9, 2013
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Chapter 1: The Birth of Caililith
[Tags: TG TF Monster-girl]

Carson looked around the old mansion, the inside strangely seemed more like a stone castle or dungeon than the outside façade of brick and vinyl-siding suggested; he had offered to help the startlingly attractive neighbor Ms Morgan “Call me Maggie” and her daughter Caitlin move into the old Klein estate at the end of the block, he was even more amazed that she had enthusiastically accepted!

“I know Caitlin will just love to meet you when she wakes up,” Maggie smiled at the teenager, “Speaking of which, those two boxes of clothing are Caitlin’s, her room will upstairs stairs, take a left once you reach  the landing  and the door at the end of the hall.”

Carson he carried his burden he looked around the astonishing long hallway, the stonework was black with red veins similar to marble and set in a red mortar the plush carpet was also red it seemed to lack the internal glow of the mortar…glowing mortar, a hallway this long? Something was off here!

Carson slowly spun in place and took a closer look at the hallway the paintings moved as if the subjects were trapped within forced to endure the S and M bondage scenes within there where two glass topped tables each held up by what looked like a woman dipped in rubber then petrified, the chandeliers where wrought iron with real candles with the current theme of blood red that seemed to run through the décor.

‘Hooboy!’ Carson gulped his face burning, ’Down the rabbit hole much Alice? Alice in Dominatrix Land’  Carson backed slowly to the door, grateful for the boxes to hide new tightness in his pants; apparently the door wasn’t latched because as he leaned against it he nearly fell on his ass as he stumbled awkwardly into Caitlin’s room.

Caitlin’s room was huge! He could easily fit four of his rooms within hers and then stack four more on top. The room was made of the same stone as the hallway even down to the glowing red mortar; it had two larger versions of the hallways chandeliers with even larger blood red candles, these however where scented with cinnamon. Several tables, chairs and mirrors where scattered around the room some even mounted on floating crystals, a large round bed held a place of honor near the center.

The room itself was dominated by several tall windows the kind you would expect to see in a cathedral, only without the stained glass.  Instead it looked across a landscape one would expect at the top of Mount Kilauea but with a space scene in place of the sky, a black hole and acceleration disk being the dominating feature.

I really hope that, wherever this is, we are in a stable orbit.

Carson hadn’t even realized he was still moving until he bumped into the bed, and of course the top box just had to slip off the bottom and landed on the bed…and of course that caused the top to pop open spilling the box’s contents all over the comforter.

“Crap! Sorry I didn’t mean to drop that on…you?” Carson stopped mid-apology, the bed was empty and even perfectly made. Carson quickly set the other box on the floor next to the bed and began to pick up the spilled clothing, the butter smooth feel of latex greeted his hands, he found himself holding  a metallic-green long-sleeved leotard, with a thong cut that went a little more than half-way to the bust-line.

“Green is Caitlin’s favorite color.” Maggie’s whispered into Carson ear from behind startling him.

“Mine too” Carson absently murmured the turned to face Ms. Morgan, gone were her comfortable looking shirt and jeans that she had just been wearing, now she was wearing a little black dress made of the same material Carson was still guiltily holding in his arms, quickly he tried to change the subject and ignore the even more painful situation in his pants, “S-sorry, the box fell over I wasn’t going through her things! Honest! Umm I think she’s awake now, she wasn’t in the bed when the box fell.”

“No, Caitlin isn’t awake…at least, not just yet,” Ms Morgan and leaned forward, and conspiratorially winked, “Why don’t we wake her up together?”

Calilith’al-Jinn’bat’Morrigalith’bat’Lilith,” Carson felts Maggie whisper into his ear, the way she spoke resonated in every cell of his body…like he was too close to a speaker at a concert, “Be thou Carson Mathew Reynolds no more, It is time to awaken and cast off your false flesh of humanity, for thou art in truth Nephilim.

Carson suddenly felt cold as if someone dumped ice-water in his veins then set it to boil, he watched as Caitlin’s mother’s skin turn red, as if an all over blush, but one that got deeper and darker until it became a deep ruby in shade and had a glossy luster that rivaled her dress.

Carson blinked and looked again Ms. Morgan skin color wasn’t the only change two “S”-curved horns had grown from her head and swept back and her ears became long and pointed like a fantasy elf’s, but it was her eyes the  that drew him in, golden cats-eye orbs that glowed with a sinister light set in pools of blackness.

The demon version of Maggie reached out to the stunned Carson, her black-taloned claws resting on the bare skin of his shoulders, Bare skin? Wasn’t I wearing a shirt? were his final thoughts before the building fever took him into the abyss of unconsciousness.

The world slowly swam back into focus for Carson to reveal that what came before, wasn’t just a strange erotic nightmare, Maggie still looked like and Erotic demoness version of herself, and was of all things, sitting on an ottoman, how she did that with her cloven hooves was…well…who knew that legs could bend that way and not break, she even had a spade-tipped tail and a pair of vestigial-looking wings in the same ruby rubber coloring as the rest of her body.

Behind her on the pink bedspread was a second demoness that Carson assumed to be Ms. Morgan’s daughter laying on her side, her skin just as red as her mother’s while her mother was voluptuous, the daughter only had (other than her hips) body of a girl yet to start puberty, her hair was even the same shade as her mother’s only shorter and with smaller pointed horns.

Like her mother her eyes where the same black pools but with jade-green eyes rather than yellow, they also had the same and slit pupil irises with more than a hint of the same sinister glow as her mother’s, they also matched the green leotard she was wearing…the very same one he had been holding before he had passed out!

“You’re awake,” Maggie greeted with a startlingly genuine smile, she stood and walked over to Carson with an inhuman-yet erotic gait, as she approached him, he noticed a second Maggie walking away from them, his and Caitlin’s eyes widened in sync, Carson realized he had been looking in a mirror the entire time!

Maggie’s eyes sparkled mischievously as she noted Carson’s expression, “Yes that’s a mirror Caililith…I am delighted you’re finally…after eighteen years and ten months, awake.”

“Ths-there musst be sssome  missstakethss,” Carson winced, not only at the sexy contralto but the hissing-lisp of her-HIS…her voice.

“You have a naturally forked tongue now,” Maggie demonstrated, sliding her own sensuously from between her lips and Carson watched as it stretched and thinned out to look like a snake tasting the air only she was able to move it in ways no snake could. Carson instinctively looked down her now ruby nose and was surprised as her own tongue practically leaping from her mouth to curl above her nose, she indeed had a tongue just like the demoness standing before her.

“You have to mentally press the tips together to speak without a lisp” Maggie giggled and offered Carson a hand, “It will become second nature soon, you will also need a little help standing and walking at first.”

Maggie-demon wiggled her own hips and tail on her hoofed-feet as if to make the point, Carson looked down his body and noticed his legs where arranged in a similar fashion and with a gulp reluctantly placed her own ruby hand in Maggie’s.

“We have Unguligrade legs.”  As Maggie stated as she pulled Carson to her feet…err...hooves, “Think of it as walking on tiptoe, your knees are in the same place they always have been,  but your calves are shortened by more than half its old human length, what most mistake for ‘backwards knees’ are actually your ankles”

Carson stumbled a bit trying to digest mot only what Maggie was saying but the unfamiliar sensations of his body; from the way the legs moved to the missing feeling between his legs, and to cap it off his new tail kept trying to trip him up as well.

“Caililith,” Maggie explained, looking directly into his eyes leaving no doubt who she was talking to, “You are over-thinking things, close your eyes and FEEL how to walk, and just move your tail in time with the lead hoof.”

Carson…Caitlin? Caililith??? Moved to comply taking first one step then another, by the tenth step he was surprised that it was beginning to feel natural to her.

“That’s it, that’s it!” Maggie encouraged, “You’re getting it, it’s like you were born to walk this way, then again, that because you were.”

Carson opened her eyes and felt the heat of a blush spread across her face at the compliment, “Thhhan…thank you.”  Carson replied remembering at the last moment her advice for speaking.

The demoness led her over to another ottoman; this one was next to a makeup table and mirror and let her sit down.

“I imagine you have more than a few questions Caililith,” Maggie sighed, “I’ll try to answer as many as I can, but let me give you few basic facts first.”

“Yes, I am a demoness, well a demi-demoness now,” Maggie amended then picked up a brush and circles around the seated Carson, “I used to be a full demoness, not one of these poor mortals you see running around on TV that have been dunked in cursed soap, I’m still not sure why ‘The Board’ is doing that, I guess it might be to cover the new wave of demi-demons that seem to be popping up. Speaking of which, you are one of those new demi-demons, and like me, you are a SUCCUBUS.”

“No that can’t be true, I mean I’ve never done anything evil like killing someone or raping or…or…or-“

“Too many ‘or’s’ Caitlin” Maggie chided as she began to brush out the younger demoness’s hair, “That is your legal name in the human world by the way, Caitlin Lily Morgan, Carson Mathew Reynolds no longer legally exists and is already fading from all but those who had a strong connection. Carson Reynolds was in effect…your very first meal.”

“Meal?” Caitlin repeated, he could already feel the attachment to his old name fading, thankfully his memories weren’t, just the connection to them; but she wasn’t ready to be called Caililith yet…although it DID feel more like her name than Caitlin, and that scared her in of itself.

“Succubae consume the yang essence of a person,” Maggie lectured, “Both genders have enough but Succubae prefer and are more ‘equipped’ to consume that of a man, I’m sure you are old enough to figure out the how. This time, you consumed you own Yang essence, becoming a creature of Yin, sorry western philosophies don’t really have the terms needed.”

“Why me…and why am I not freaking out?” Caitlin asked, still pondering the ramifications of Maggie’s last statement, what scared her was the “Ewww-no-way!” was already fading to the visions of male members parading lewdly behind her eyes and a weird mix of warmth and hunger between her legs.

“You are not freaking out,” Maggie replied setting the brush down Caililith’s blood-red hair, now brushed to a glossy sheen, “Partly because of a spell on this house that keeps people relatively calm but lucid, and partly because of instinct, I bet you are feeling more and more at home in your body, and I bet that leads to the next question, ‘Why me?’”

“Back in the time of King Solomon, I was wandering around Israel,” Maggie continued, circling around to face the younger demoness. “Back then I was a full demon, full of hatred and fury, and did things that no human would be proud of, not that I was then, nor am I now, a human, neither are you incidentally... Suffice it to say, I attracted the attention of the king, and was eventually tricked and bound into an olive oil lamp for all eternity as a D’jinn.”

Maggie then used her talon to slit her dress from her ribcage to her thighs, Caililith noticed two things; first where most women had a patch of pubic hair, Maggie had what looked like a golden Star of David set in a circle, the second she had no navel. “This is the mark of Solomon the Wise, and up until six years ago I was a genie in a lamp, I was trapped away from other demons and probably had too much time to think on past follies, I also saw the worst humanity had to offer, usually at the hands of my masters and mistresses, but surprisingly I also saw many at their best.”

“How this relates to you,” Maggie took a deep breath and continued again, “Nearly nineteen years ago, your mortal mother became one of my mistress’s; she wanted to make sure that her boyfriend didn’t break up with her in favor of her then best friend. So she wished, for of all things, a child to entrap your father.

There was only one way to obey such a command, your mortal mother is barren, and I being a demon cannot just whistle up a soul, I had to possess your mother change one of the cells in her ovary into a viable egg and have intercourse with your father, he was exhausted and remembered little of the conception I’m sorry to day. I’m not sure why, possibly spite, I also imparted a small part of my own soul into the egg.”

“You lying that can’t be tr-” Maggie’s sudden slap cut off Caililith’s accusation.

“I am no longer capable of lying,” Maggie glared at her new daughter, She then raked a taloned finger across Caililith’s ribs, no blood was drawn nor was there any pain, but the bottom half of her leotard fell down so she was exposing herself as much s her apparent mother, she too had a small glowing Seal of Solomon just above her new sex and well below her navel. Then in a more gentle tone, “And now…neither are you. Try saying something false”

“My name is Calilith’al-Jinn’bat’Morrigalith’bat’Lilith…NO It’s Calilith’al-Jinn’bat’Morrigalith’bat’Lilith!”  Caililith uttered in surprise, “I’m a Succubus I’m a Succubus! I’m totally thinking about guys”

“We cannot lie, not even to ourselves; I found that out the hard-way while imprisoned in my lamp. Probably why I have a different take than my fellow fallen.” Maggie looked at Caililith devastated face, “You are now who you are born to be, Carson literally no longer exists, however Caitlin does so you can lay claim to that name. My true name, well as much of it as I’ll tell you anyway, is Morrigalilth, and that is the secret to being a good D’jinn, you cannot lie, but you can omit.”

Morrigalith waved one hand and the tear in her dress sealed itself up, Caililith “Eeped” as unnoticed,her leotard did the same, although she was sure there wasn’t as much blatant camel-toe before and she could swear her chest was now puffy and sensitive?

“Why did you make me a demon?”

“I didn’t, you were born that way,” Morrigalith shrugged, “By rights the soul of the fetus SHOULD have obliterated the demon spark, not fuse with it. Before you ask, even if I left you alone you would have eaten through your own Yang and become a Succubus, only without someone to guide you.”

“I think you might have inherited my punishments as well. Both from the original rebellion and the seal…Exodus Thirty-four Seven says it the best; maintaining love to thousands, and forgiving wickedness, rebellion and sin. Yet he does not leave the guilty unpunished; he punishes the children and their children for the sin of the parents to the third and fourth generation." Morrigalilth sighed hugging her new daughter from behind tightly, both their rubberized bodies and latex clothing squeaked in a lewd manner, “Caililith, you are only a mere generation from my guilt, you are affected my rebellion as will likely your daughters and even-possibly theirs.”

“That doesn’t seem fair,” Caililith fidgeted, her new mom’s breast rested on her head and horns, it amazingly reawakened her fading male personality and caused her  think things she really shouldn’t…and was no longer capable of.

“Life is not supposed to be fair,” Morrigalilth chided and circled the ottoman to face her daughter just in time to see her daughter’s breast finish growing, they where now a full C-cup and badges of her newfound gender, “That is a…rather recent…human notion, life is…and always has been, survival of the fittest. This was true even before the rebellion, ‘the fittest’ being defined as health of the soul. Caililith there no part of you that is still human, you have the flesh of a demi-demon, and your spirit is already shifting to being a succubus, as for the soul, well souls…that is a choice. I’m not like the other ‘mothers,’ I do not go kidnapping random virgins off of the street, you are mine and have been since before you were born. You can feel it can’t you… you are becoming a monster, mind, body…and soul”

“Yes” Caililith admitted to her own growing horror, she can feel the monster, Caitlin just a legal mask allowed for her to hunt and move in the society of her prey and it scared and elated her at the same time.

“I should be in hell should I?” The Demoness Caililith shuddered...she no longer really felt human, humans felt like something to eat and a very lewd manner.

“We are. This house is on a dimensional border between Earth and the eternal prison called Hell.” Morrigalilth admitted and nodded to the bubbling lake of lava and the black hole beyond, “The border region is where flesh and blood demi-demons such as we, can survive, and it is also where demons meet with humans for deals. I imagine each ‘mother’ has already set up her own little fiefdom.”

“You, are flesh and blood,” Morrigalilth smiled, “You are allowed to hunt on Earth. Humans are the apex species of Earth, but even an apex species needs a predator to keep them from becoming too populous, That duty does NOT fall to the Fallen, it is a responsibility that the children of the fallen and humans, monsters of flesh and blood, demi-demons…YOU.”

“For us, the sick and the weak refer not to bodies with humans, but their souls, these new Lilithians do not know this,” Morrigalilth confided to her only daughter, “Although their instincts will point them toward their true prey, I can’t wait to see the faces of the mother succubus when instead of corrupting the young pastor-to-be her little hellion drains the roommate who forces you girls into compromising positions then actually sell them into slavery in other countries.”

“What about my parents?”

“Well, they know Carson existed, but they can no longer prove it,” Morrigalilth laughed, “Hell, they can’t even prove they are married now.”

“I’ll bet you’re hungry” Morrigalilth deduced, “Ohhh you have a lovely violet blush! It goes all the way down too!”

“I think we’ll start with a sandwich” Morrigalilth then added with a saucy wink, “Then get you into another kind of sandwich, with two of my subs feeding you your wings will sprout for sure!”

For some reason the idea of having wings like her mother made Caililith happy.

Chapter 2: Growing Pains

The top-of –the-hour morning weather forecast blasted Caililith from a restless sleep, her right hand automatically shot out to slap the snooze button only to find the alarm was not where it should be, this lead Caililith to poke her head out from under the comforter only to look dumbfounded at her ruby-colored arm.

She had thought, waking up with her all-too- familiar migraine that yesterday and last night had been a hallucination, the image in the mirror, a floor to ceiling one that filled the entire eastern wall no less,  made it known, that to her, truth loved to be stranger than fiction.

Greeeeeat I wake up a demon from Hell, and I STILL get migraines from…well…Hell! ’ Caililith finished the thought lamely.

With a sigh Caililith pushed herself to a seated position, the pink comforter sliding off to reveal her in her crimson glory, she looked around her new room; and noticed items she recognized from her or Carson’s old room…and apparently old life, now sitting side by side with items that seemed to belong to her new life and role in the universe.

She finally found the offending alarm more by sound than sight; and a bit freaked by her ears twitching around like radar dishes (they didn’t used to do that!) homing in on the clock-radio.

She scowled at the radio for a full minute and a half, but that was all she could do as it was out of reach of her rightful retribution. Finally with a frustrated sigh, Caililith crawled out of bed and stood up, the migraine had already progressed to a full body ache as she walked (trotted?) to the mirror-sided wall to shut the monstrosity off.

Caililith found herself looking in the mirror, despite her weird acceptance last night of her new form it was still disorienting to see it, and now the visage included a pair of wings. Grateful in the light of day (?) her mother was kidding about the second “sandwich”, even to a succubus at least a Lilithian-succubus “feeding” is still an intimate ordeal.

It was while Caililith was taking a few moments to admire her new assets, and wishing she could be male again to properly appreciate and salute them, that she noticed several door-shaped seams in the mirrors, including the one right next to the alarm pedestal. Experimentally she placed her hand on the door shaped panel and heard a click as the discreetly-designed door opened.

It turned out to be a bathroom, one about half-again the size of his old bedroom, there was a Jacuzzi tub, a large shower, a vanity…with yet another mirror, and what looked like a pair of oddly shaped toilets…designed with tails in mind?

The room reminder her that she had been asleep for eight hours, if not longer and the pressure from her bladder made itself known over her daily all-over ache, Caililith quickly took a seat on the one that didn’t look like it doubled as a sink; she had heard about that one somewhere…when was it…some movie with an…Australian guy? In New York…oh yeah! A bidet!

Urk’ Caililith gulped and looked at it with trepidation, ‘ I have no idea how to use one of those…

Caililith quickly finished her business, and after promising herself to look up how to use a bidet online she opened the shower door…only to find what showers aspired to be when it grew up!

It was huge!

It had, not only room for her, wings and all, but room for at least two to three others as well…considering how her new mother had talked last night Caililith  felt herself heat up (The mirror proved that she really did blush purple…all the way down!), ‘it was exactly what it was designed for.’

After looking at the controls for a second she set it for the simplest setting, then looked around for towels and some pain-killers, not that they ever helped much when he…she got like this, she found her Advil-Migraine and Vanquish in a cabinet next to…gulp…Midol.

‘Later!’  Caililith procrastinated, and grabbed two towels from the stack and hung them from the hooks near the shower door;  then with a thought, pulled her wings into her body and entered the already steaming blast, while the Advil did little for her aches, the hot water at least eased the muscles underneath giving the pills a chance in Hell.

Caililith stood under the stream with her arms supporting her against the wall for what felt like an hour, but was probably only a few minutes, long enough to note that the shower not only had a rubberized surface for her new hooves to find purchase, but…spigots in the floor? It took a bit for her tired mind to compute, if she didn’t already have a permanent full body blush before she would now!

“T.M.I” Caililith admonished herself and washed herself quickly.

‘Maybe when I didn’t feel like I’m was being crushed…’ Caililith let the thought dangle as she dried herself off and noticed a fluffy violet robe hanging from the door, “Caffeine…”


The kitchen turned out to be in the “normal” part of the house, or read: the part that was apparently still on Earth, since it didn’t have a lake of bubbling lava outside the window.  Maggie was in her human form, her blood-red hair now the color of burnished copper and eyes of sky blue. At the sink washing some dishes was someone wearing a rubber French-maid’s costume.

Caililith trudged like a demon-zombie to the fridge, and much to her relief found the two cans of NoS she had bought yesterday before coming to help Ms Morgan and proceeded to chug the first two-thirds of the first can, much to the surprise of Maggie and the Rubber-maid.

“That can’t be healthy.” The unfamiliar voice of the maid commented, “Even for a Lilithian.”

“No…it’s not,” Her new-mother agreed, “Despite the difference in looks, we only differ a small amount physiologically…Caililith?”

“Hmm?” The demon girl looked blearily over her shoulder at the pair, and downed the rest of the can.

“Honey, why don’t you sit down” Maggie beckoned to a chair next to her, to which Caililith complied, and then she felt a cool hand on her forehead and noticed that the maid wasn’t only wearing rubber, but was made of rubber too!

“I can’t be sure if you have a fever in Lilithian form, could you shift to your human form?”  The maid requested.

Caililith’s only response was to blink and give her a blank look.

“Ah! I’m sorry Gabby!” Maggie face-palmed, “I haven’t shown her how yet, only how to release and hide her wings!”

Maggie got up and circled behind her demonic-looking daughter and placed a hand on either shoulder, “Remember how I taught you to feel your core last night for you wings?”


“Okay feel your core again,”

“Got it.” Caililith winced at the slight spike of pain, and tried to ignore the worried look Gabby gave her.

“I’ll lead you through the first time.” Her mother continued, and she felt the manna from her mother pulse slightly into her she ground her teeth and endured the pain as she felt her body squirm and shift, then she felt a second pair of hands on her shoulders and found herself looking into the face of a animated sex-doll as she again put her hand on her forehead.

“Well she doesn’t have a fever, she is slightly clammy though,” Gabby diagnosed, “Can you tell me your symptoms and how long this has been going on?”

“Umm” Caililith began, “Starts as a headache and moves everywhere, and it feels like I’m at the bottom of a pool, where the diving boards are, only stronger, and…about...three-to-four years?”

“Do the headaches start at midnight and taper off through the morning?” Gabby queried apparently already having a diagnosis in mind.

“Sounds about right, although I’m usually asleep when they begin, but it tends to make me wake up.”

“Do you sometimes feel light-headed around noon?”

“Yeah! Sometimes I feel like I’m an overinflated sex-d—er balloon” Caitlin quickly amended, ‘Why am I thinking of myself as Caitlin now, am I going crazy?

“I’m not offended, that’s what I am now,” Gabby confided with a wink, and looked at her mother, “Although…I am solid. Mistress, if you will excuse me for a few moments.”

At Maggie’s nod Gabby left the kitchen, Caitlin gave her mother a measuring look.

“It was not me.” Maggie declared, with a raised eyebrow at her new daughter, “The Mafia decided to make an example out of a doctor that didn’t do ‘off the record’ bullet extractions…humans really don’t need demons to be evil to one another; they do just fine on their own.”

Gabby soon returned with a shiny blanket and wrapped it around Caitlin like a cloak and even covered her head like a hoodie, Caitlin looked up questioningly at the former (?) doctor.

“Just give it a few minutes,” Gabby asserted, “If my guess is correct you should feel something soon.”

Caitlin shrugged, closed her eyes and leaned back into the chair, and began to try to get a feel for, yet another, new body. This one was similar to the one she had up until a few minutes ago, although the hair felt shorter and she had actual toes! Is it weird that she felt “off” not having a tail? That’s when she noticed it; the pain had begun to fade, like she was coming up from the deep end of earlier hypothetical pool, she blinked at that and looked around not only more awake but actually hungry, for food at least...okay the other hungry too, but that was bearable…for now anyway.

“Q.H.S. Never read anything about Satyri’s being susceptible though,” Gabby nodded confirming the theory she had apparently been holding, then turned to ask Caitlin’s mother, “How close are Lilithians to Satyri?”

“Sclera and the brain-damage they receive from the transformation are about the only physical differences,” Maggie admitted, “Most of the differences are on the magic and soul side of things.”

“Q.H.S.” Caitlin interrupted, wondering if it was some form of cancer.

“You’ve never heard of Quantum Hypersensitivity Syndrome?” Gabby asked.

Caitlin started to shake her head then remembered a vague snippet and scrunched her fact to try to remember, “Something about that new wizard school in New York?”

“It’s a syndrome where you are more sensitive than average to the fluctuations of, in for lack of a better term, magic tides.” Gabby nodded then continued, “Strangely enough, latex and rubber act as resisters to magic, similar to how they do with electricity, I recommend a rubber canopy for her bed and some melatonin until I can research the subject more. I also recommend covering her chakras so she can move about more freely.”

“Hmm.” Maggie pondered, “I think I have a couple of catsuits that will fit, I can have one altered to fit a Satyri body type…I believe both are at my shop.”


“Maggie’s Unmentionables.” Maggie grinned, “It’s a basic lingerie shop…that has a side of more provocative wear in the adult section, Hmm I wonder if I should stock up more on latex items, if I recall Q.H.S. and similar syndromes tend to show up more in places like this, this might be happening to more people around here than just my daughter.”

“It’s highly probable,” Gabby added, “This town is located near several ley line gyres, or a nexuses if you will, and even magic neutrals might be feeling it sometimes.”

“Might be a way of quelling complaints over our inventory ‘corrupting sensitive young minds’,” Maggie smirked and stood from the table and vanished in a puff of yellow sulfurous smoke only to reappear few moment later with a paneled yellow and black catsuit in hand which she pressed into Caitlin’s hands, then she continued with a conspiratorial wink, “Besides ‘corrupting young minds’ is something that no teenager has trouble doing on their own, I just make a profit from it.”

“Why don’t you go get dressed,” Maggie pushed the teen toward the door, “I want to show my daughter off about town, you’ll find shorts and shirt in the chest of drawers near your closet and  some sneakers inside.”

Knowing dismissal when she heard it, Caitlin took the catsuit and blanket with her and made her way back to her room.

“I’m surprised you didn’t try to get her in a dress first off?”  Gabby kidded her mistress.

“She has already been dropped into the deep end of the female gender pool, not to mention the moster one,” Maggie replied, “No need to tie weights on. She is still somewhat in shock, not only in mind and body, but in souls as well.”

Gabby’s only reply was a “Spock-eyebrow”.

“Don’t give me that look, we do have souls, the Fallen had to make a decision to disobey the Creator, and that requires Agency,” Maggie defended, “Our souls are just on a different wavelength than humans, Caitlin has both a demon and human soul, they are in orbit around one another inside her, each side waxing and waning in strength, it might end up her greatest strength, and her greatest weakness.”
Edit: Added Chapter 2
Second Editorial pass complete some parts re-written to make more sense, I hope!

Lilithian Birthright? by DPRagan
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Always a treat to wait a few months and then gulp down all  your creations at once :P
DPRagan Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Thanks :)
HeroesFanboy138 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Glad I decided to reread, didn't know you added a second chapter. A lot of interesting worldbuilding going on. Also, gotta love a sexdoll doctor. XD
DPRagan Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Glad you like the new chapter. :)
HeroesFanboy138 Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Np. Can't wait to see if there's a chapter three.
DPRagan Featured By Owner Aug 14, 2014
Just need to figure out what happens next myself :)
Phaenix-FC Featured By Owner Jul 18, 2014
It is always slightly disconcerting how at home your stories feel to me once I remember how few people I can share them with.
DPRagan Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2014
You are welcome, and thank you.
MensjeDeZeemeermin Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Nice and engrossing buff-up.
DPRagan Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Thank you :)
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