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June 23, 2012
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• L-B NEL (Non-Military Lifter):  Hybrid freighter capable of transporting 5,000 cubic meters of cargo stock acceleration is 1.5g's
• Bakuhatsu E-15: Military hybrid fighter in many countries space forces.  Seats pilot and gunner/RIO and can accelerate to 2.5g's
• Banji Falcon: Hybrid freighter capable of carrying 1,200 cubic meters of Cargo and Stock configuration has an Acceleration of 2.5g's
• Banji Raven II: Smaller than the Falcon capable of only carrying 900 cubic meters of cargo and has a stock acceleration of 2g's
• Nova Starcraft A-5L Phoenix: aka "Aberrant Buster" Attack craft larger than a fighter but smaller than a Frigate its Main Armament is an Axial-Mounted Plasma Cannon IT is the backbone of the FSA Starfleet and is also being used in other starfleets.

• Agent: A computer Operating System's Avatar when dealing with their owners or through the OpNet.
• Avatar: A person's Persona when dealing OpNet-communications, Games or other electronic communications.
• Banji PVU (Personal Vacuum Unit): The middle ground between spacesuit and spaceship it fits one human for extended work in hard vacuum.
• Grav-Crystals:  when powered they create unstable mass that can create artificial gravity for about 2 meters. They do not work well in gravity above 1/3rd a G.
• Iris Systems: A Luna-Based Computer manufacturer.
• Iris Aquamarine: Minicomp produced by Iris, it is popular with young and teenage girls.
• Iris Obsidian: Minicomp that is popular with avid gamers for its holo-graphics resolution.
• Mini-comp: Smartphone of the future with holographic displays and voice recognition and the computing power that beats modern day desk and laptops.
• OpNet: the successor to the Internet, also unlike today's internet, for security reasons it is divided into regional blocks that have limited crossover.
• Prometheus Chamber: A biotech device that stimulates a latent into being a Psion of a certain aptitude. The process is called the Prometheus Effect.
• Space Activity Suit: Tension counter-pressure suit, commonly Troped as a "Latex-Spacesuit", used in cramped areas like small space vehicle cockpits.  (Type of VES)
• Sonic Knife: a hilt that has high grade speakers that produce a variable blade of sound, capable of cutting flesh and wood but not ceramics and metal.
• VES (Vacuum Environment Suit): Collective term for many standard space suits.
• Vocoder: Device for translating languages created by the Nippon for the UAN

• Aberrant: A breed of human gifted with Quantum powers, they have a node (The Mazarin-Rashoud Node) in their brain that allows them to control various forces such as gravity, weak and strong nuclear forces and magnetism among others. Many have gone insane and become deformed. Quantum powers are slightly weakened by Noetic Activity.
•Æon Trinity: A Philanthropic Organization that had aided Humanity several times also has United Nations connections that run back to the late 20th century. Began as an adventurer club in the early 1900's.
• Backlash: When something big happens in the noetic universe the ripples can sometimes cause damage to a noeticly gifted person.
• Black: Space Pirate Slang for Bad, Disastrous, FUBARed; "This situation's gone totally black!"
• Chitra Bhanu: Quantakinetic Psi-Order, they had the ability psionically manipulate quantum energy (through noetic gloves) they were accused of collaborating with Aberrants and attempts to capture them resulted in a bloodbath with very few escaping. They are often called chibs or Dark Psions.
• FSA: The Federated States of America. The remnants of the United States now a Military-Corporate Fascist regime that has conquered Mexico and Canada (with Quebec as a client state)
• The Legions: Psychokinetic Psi Order Based in Australia but stationed through inhabited space, often the front line forces in the fight against the Aberrants.
• Match V: Spacer Slang for Matching both Velocity and Vector to another craft.
• Nova: The old name for Aberrants.
• Nova Força de Nacionales (The New National Force) aka Norça: Shape Shifting Psi- Order based out of South America, they are set up like a cartel (they are in fact a legal drug cartel) and often infiltrate aberrant cults and hunt Aberrants.
• ISRA: Interplanetary School for Research and Advancement Clairsentient Psionic Order (Remote Viewing, Psychometry, and Psycho-Navigation and similar powers are their stock and trade.)  Largest gathering of them is on the Moon.
• Paramorph: Someone who is neither psychically positive nor quantum powered who exhibits strange abilities, more commonly called a Daredevil.
• Psi: Noetic energy that is measured in Psions (the particle not the gifted person) Psionic energy acts like the glue that binds the universe together.
• Psion:  A person gifted who is has noetic potential and is triggered from latency to have psychic powers; noetic powers are often weakened around Taint (Quantum) activity.
• Psycho-morph: Sometimes called Psiad or Protopsion; someone who noeticly awakens from latency on their own, this is rare but becomes more common after 2122.
• Quantum: Strong and Weak Nuclear Forces, as well as Gravity and Magnetism, it is this force that Novas and Aberrants manipulate. Also called Taint (Although refers more to polluted Quantum Backwash and its effects on animals, plants, time and space)
• Scan the Spectra: Spacer slang for "Check this out"
• Pizza Belle: Fast food restaurant, its main charm is that it uses human workers rather than automation such as Robo-Burger and Cyber-Sushi
• Taint: Warped Quantum energies that are destructive to biological tissues, and even sometimes to space/time.
• Tuna Sandwich: Popular Holovid comedy starring Father Elmo.
• Tio: Uncle in Portuguese
• UAN: United African Nations.
• Upeo wa Macho: Teleportation Aptitude Psionic Order that acts much like a guild, it disappeared in 2114 due to inter-order disagreements and only recently as 2121 reappeared, formerly based in Africa.
• Yeh: Global used Adjective that means alternately "Cool,"  "It's Good," and "Know what I mean?" often used at the end of sentences.

• Akeelah's Mystery: Lingerie Chain that has stores on Mars and Africa.
Reader's Reference for the Psiad Story.

Ćon Trinity is © of White Wolf Publishing

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DolphinSilverwolf Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Factor in the Lilith-brand body wash...and the Norca are going to be incredibly busy rebuilding biological templates!
DPRagan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Actually Only a Quantakinetic can do that. (although there are a few that are in Hiding with the Norca)
DolphinSilverwolf Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Really? I thought the biokinetics specialized in editing biological templates. Maybe the editing pertains to their own templates only, and they can only really erase others'...
DPRagan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Yup, they can change only themselves, or damage someone else's. It is easier to destroy than create.
DolphinSilverwolf Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2012
Huh...wonder if the "damage someone else" could be used in healing...namely, cancer therapy. Accurate detection and destruction of cancer tissue.

"You're gonna be sick for a while while your body clears out the tumor sludge."
" got the tumor?"
"What about the metastases?"
"Got them too. You're going to be really itchy for a while."
DPRagan Featured By Owner Jul 2, 2012
That would probably be the Algesis Mode of Vitakinesis
columbus1942 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
I recall this game. We tried a few sessions, but it just didn't "click" for people. It has a very specific character for a superhero RPG, and not everyone likes it all that much.
DPRagan Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2012
Yeah there was some presentation problems, that and it more Scfi than Superhero, for Superhero you should have gone with Aberrant which was geared more that way.
leviadragon99 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Ahhh, sounds like an interesting setting then, quite a lot of internal mythology and history.
DPRagan Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2012
Yup! The Glossary just scratches the surface. the glossary is for Psiad Story
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